From brunette to blonde: follow these steps to dye your hair

There is always a law: if you are brunette, you want to be blonde ; And if you're blonde, you want to be brunette. However, there are many coloring techniques that must be adapted to the hair structure and the original color. Because this is the only way to avoid color errors, such as orange, yellow or green. If you want to dye your hair blonde, it is better to look for a professional to do this study. Find more here: best blonde hair dye

The hairdresser will analyze the structure of your hair and choose the appropriate coloring technique. To choose the method, it is also important to know how often your hair has been dyed in recent years. The more damaged your hair and the more artificial pigments you have used, the more complicated the bleaching process will be.

From brunette to blonde in one day: it's effective, but it's expensive

From brunette to blonde in a day… it's possible, but only if you spend many hours in the beauty salon. You need to discolor and it takes time. Only when the ends are ready does the process of bleaching the rest of the hair begin.

From brunette to blonde in stages: you'll invest more time, but it's cheaper

If you can take your time, you can also lighten your dark hair in stages. For example, with a two-step process. A lightening pass can lighten hair up to seven lighter shades. If that is not enough, make a second pass to reach the desired blonde.

If the result is a golden orange, you will need to do it again or use dye . However, this is only possible on the following day, at least; since dyeing twice on the same day is not possible for physical-chemical reasons.

From brunette to blonde making lights

Another way to dye blond hair is with highlights: you dye your hair little by little in several sessions and gradually lighten it up.

The advantage of this method: lightening brown to blond hair looks completely natural and your environment will hardly notice the change. In addition, the procedure itself is not complicated.

The downside: the hair strands fade two or three times until you get the blonde you want. It is very difficult to separate exactly the dyed strands from those that have no dye. So, this can lead to different shades of blonde.

From brunette to blonde with the “ombre hair” technique: the best option for short hair

If you have short hair and would like to be blonde, the best method is “ombre hair”. It consists of dyeing from root to tip and, in each hairdressing session, you clean the ends and clarify the roots until all the hair is blond. In the end, no one will notice the color change because

it took a while for her blonde hair to become completely blonde.

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The good thing is that there is no fear of visible transitions; the first shock will be the first time you go, but as your hair grows, everything will be progressive. The only disadvantage is that this method is not suitable for long hair.

From brunette to blonde: is it really as harmful as they say?

Obviously, the discoloration is not healthy for the hair. But what is really harmful is the whitening technique you use. The longer the bleaching process lasts and the lower the hydrogen content of the product, the less it will damage the hair and the lighter and more beautiful the blonde will become. Many hairdressers now also work with Olaplex . This additive, which is added to the hair color, makes the color softer, protecting your mane.

Dark hair that has been punished by dyes may even benefit from bleaching, as it would remove excess artificial pigment. Bleached hair will become lighter and silky.

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